I need you guys opinions. is it over?

We had dated for almost 3 month. We really liked each other and dated every 3 days a week. but I'm kind of jealous person, and it made her got tired of me being jealous. when i was mean to her, she cried. she didn't like me anymore because i was so mean to her and hurt her so bad. How i was mean : i don't want to talk with you when you are talking with other guy (just friend).When she said i want to break up with you and this relationship is hard and stressful. but i told her give me last chance when i was with her. and she gave the chance. but she wasn't like before she talked or acting and also she said that she can't promise anything. Yesterday she said me " she can't do it anymore" even i tried to not be mean to her. she told me you're nice and you're mean. she just want to see me as a friend. After broke, she did text to me and she was like just friend. it make me so hurt and feel sad. I've been doing no-contact to her since we broke but i don't think it is working. she is living 1 hour away from me by a car. i can't meet her in person if she doesn't want to meet me. can you give me advice or help? i really want to get her back. do you think it is already over?


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  • You were mean to her...it sounds like she's done with you. If you want to have a successful relationship you can't be mean, nice, mean, nice, etc. It's hurtful and confusing to the other person. You need to get a grip on the jealousy as well. Learn from this failed relationship or it will repeat with the next one!


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