Why have all my exes friends been ignoring me since the breakup?

She was the one that wanted out of our 5 year relationship. So it makes no sense in them picking her side.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?


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  • If she wanted to end the relatonship it makes sense why the are ignoring you. Maybe she told them some bad things about the break up or her friends simply are trying to make it easier for her by ignoring you.

    • Oh well if it makes sense to another I guess it's true.

      Personally I think it's not necessary.
      It's actually very cold and shows how unsympathetic people can actually be. Making the BU that much harder.

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    • Maybe she forgot about them since she doesn't have contact with them. I have some "friends" on Facebook I'm not really friends with but I haven't deleted them since I just forgot about them.

    • Well I don't think so, because they post updates regularly.
      But that wouldn't change anything would it?

      I think she just keeps them so her friends list looks bigger than it is...

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  • why would you want to talk to them anyway, they were HER friends?

    • I don't want to talk to them, I was just wondering why they ignored my initial message because it's odd behavior.

      And when we were together she didn't view them as her friends really. They are just housemates. And they are my ex-housemates.

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