Guys, how would you feel if this happened?

i'll keep it short. 2 months ago my ex bf just disappeared from my life after 3 months of a really nice relationship (no problems, everything just went fine) and when i met him a week after that he didn't even want to talk to me at all so i decided not to call him ever again. and 2 days ago i ran into him in a bar and decided to ignore him altogether (even though we have mutual friends) and i just stayed with my friends near him and his friends (it's a small bar) and really had a great time and paid no attention at all to him saying hi to us. i didn't feel like talking to him after that rude break up so my question is, how would you feel if your ex gf did this? was i too rude or?


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  • Usually I'd try and leave what happened in the past and treat them like a friend. But, if it's someone I wasn't friends with before I would let them go by in their life and not become a hassel.


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