Why would a guy cry? And why would he tell you?

When my boyfriend broke up with me he said that it was a hard decision and it took him a long time to think about it. He even said that he cried. And when I we met up to talk about our relationship he had puffy eyes so he must have cried recently.
Why would a guy cry? And why would he tell his now ex-girlfriend?


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  • hello

    a guy can cry for a lot of reasons :

    1- he lost someone very close and important to him
    2- he feels so much and deep hurt
    3- he gave up for his heart to talk and express the feelings mixed with thoughts
    4- sometimes tears can explain a lot of things
    5- it is the deepest side of a guy , when you see tears then know that this guy has reached to some very deep feelings he might have developed for someone specially for a girl
    6- he needs to feel warm , he needs arms to hug, hold tight , he needs a should to carry on

    this is it

    hope this helps

    Best Regards


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  • Comfort. He wants comfort

  • Do you think guys don't have feelings? We're not the brutes that 21st century gender analysis make us out to be!


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