how would you feel if your ex gf did this?

i ran into my ex in a bar after not seeing him or talking to him and i didn't say hi. he was sitting close to me and my friends, cause it was a small bar. he said hi to us but i didn't want to respond cause he decided to disappear from my life instead of breaking up normally. was i too rude or was this ok after the way he left? how would you feel if your ex gf behaved this way?


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  • It's ok what you did. But if you really want to get under his skin, act like nothing ever happened so he won't see that he got to you.


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  • Running into your ex always creates awkward situations. What you did is normal, what he did is normal; it's not going to be an enjoyable encounter no matter what you do though. Take it as it is, an unexpected encounter with someone you would have rather not run in to.


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