Do you think my ex husband misses me?

We are divorced and have had zero contact for almost 2 years. He had a very unhealthy relationship with his family and refused to put me first.
No not stamping my feet on the ground asking him to like a brat- I was dead last in his life and he let everyone come between us. He was never around. He never allowed me into his life.

He had told me once that I was the only one that was always there for him. He said this while drunk (no he did not have an alcohol problem).

He came from an insanely controlling family. In the final days of our marriage he admit they caused us problems.

We were together over a decade and I was his first love.

I miss him sometimes but know it would never change and have no desire to contact him or go back to him. My life was so painful and lonely and empty with him. But I do miss him. I had to be strong and leave, he wouldn't end it. He left it up to me.

Could he miss me? He ignored me at our divorce hearing and I had said hello to the family. They were just rude and acted trashy, for lack of a better term.

I just can't help but wonder sometimes, I wonder if he ever missed me or felt regret or anything. Maybe it's too hard to tell but what if you were in this position? Perhaps someone here has been? Also for anyone considering divorce, I had seen a marriage counselor and read several books on controlling families and dysfunctional families. I left for the right reasons, was not frivolous. But shouldn't have married him to begin with.
Also want to say, the fact it is Easter tomorrow is why my mind has wandered on this subject. I do not miss the lonely holiday, now it is not lonely or painful but just makes me think back to stuff.


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  • I don't think so. You deserve someone better :)


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  • He might.. but he's clearly controlled by his family. Move on. He has some things to work out with himself and his family... You should not wait around.


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  • You are divorced for a reason; right, and you did get divorced for a reason.


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