My ex and I talking, but everyone pretty much hates her?

So my ex suddenly hits me up on wanting to fix things. Ultimately get back together with me. I didn't believe that bs for a minute, but I do love my ex regardless how bad she did me in. I should hate her, but I can't.

During our break up I had to live myself again. I started dating and sure sexual encounters followed, but after months of this I realized I simply moved on. People always talk about moving on from ash ex but what if they meant from all the problems that were dealt in that relationship.

So I heard her out and I told her that I didn't want to end like those couples that get back together and break up the next month. I thinking the long haul. So we started fixing the one thing that had to go from our relationship.

Next was trust. I felt like we had to work on that before we got back together at all. So shed said we could be friends until she earned my trust again.

So right now we are not dating, but we are just concentrating on us. My friends of course are against this, but it's not like I jump Willy nilly. We taking it slow. I'm not going to lose my friends for this relationship, but I don't want to lose her just cause nobody agrees we are seriously trying to fix this.

Any advice


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  • You should do what make you happy! If being with her makes you happy then get back together with her and try again. Dont worry about what others think!

    • Yes she does make me happy, I want this to honestly work. We grew in knowing ourselves better and I feel we can do better.

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    • Sounds good

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  • I feel that you two are making a good effort in being friends first, and women are genuine. But if you feel that she will hurt you again, then I would not take the chance, but if it really makes you happy, then I say go for it.

    • We are. I feel we are simply learning to be comfortable with each other. I don't think she wouldintentionally break me again. I wouldn't say I totally trust her, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm just hoping my friends understand that, and stop bringing what she did to me.

    • You have to live for you. If your friends are always bashing what you treasure then maybe you should consider new friends or just talking to your friends about it. Your friends are suppose to make u feel good with any decision. But trust takes a while but with the right credentials you'll be on the love boat soon.

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