How can I make regret everything he's ever done or said to me?

So that we can try again? And don't give me a rant about how I should move on.
Just help me if you can lol
Make him* (title adjustment!)


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  • Make yourself hotter. Go to the gym and get in amazing shape. Let him see you talking to other guys and having fun.

    • I was gunna say that, so ya do that ;)

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    • Oh! Yeah, definitely.

    • Do that

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  • Well I won't say you should "MOVE ON" but if I was in your place, I'd really could care less... maybe that's actually the best way for them to regret it. When they see you give a rat's ass about their life. But the thing that I know made her very remorseful was her realizing that I was with a really hot girl, and the guy him cheated on me with, he dumped her for someone else. Talk about karma. LOL


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  • Show him that you are happier without him and loving life.

    • Would it be bad if I posted pics with guys on FB even though I know they're like brothers? Lol but he doesn't.

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