does it bother you when your exes keep your pictures all over social networks?

it bothers me so much. more than one of my exes still have pictures of me or of us together on social networks. exes stemming from 3 years ago all the way to recent exes. &

& the one bothering me most is my most recent ex who fought me about pictures saying he never puts pictures with girls on his profile & i had some on my profile of him & so eventually he put one of me & one of us we had one of the worst break ups in ended in tears & possibly a police report. i've removed his pictures...but mine are still the most recent ones he posted at the top of his page...when the break up started but before the worst of it i had commented on it asking him to take it down...he just deleted the comment & kept the pic up...since then we had a huge altercation that left us not speaking to each other & they are still up..i know letting this bother me may be juvenile but I just don't understand why he won't remove them...even after publicly humiliating me

it even bother me that other exes still keep my pics up because these are exes i don't speak to..or exes who "hate" me or exes I hate...why do you guys think?


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  • Maybe he's just lazy and doesn't want to waste his time with taking those pictures down?
    Maybe he isn't ashamed of the relationship and is okay with letting it be a part of his past - letting it be seen. Maybe he's okay with it being over and isn't hurt by the pictures, but they remain there as a cute little reminder.
    Maybe he wants to piss you off.
    Maybe he thinks you were so hot he has to keep those pictures so to send a message to other girls trying to chat him up that they have to be ad least 'this hot to ride'?

    I don't know...


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