What is my ex-girlfriend trying to do on Facebook?

I went out with my ex for about 6 months. We had a good time and I loved her. Suddenly she said our relationship felt more like a friendship and there is no future for more than a year or two (she will go back to her home country in Eastern Europe near her parents etc). Also I was very calm and she wanted someone who will argue and shout back at her (not my style). She ended it. I asked her if she was sure (she was) and she wanted a no-contact.

She is stunning but also very jealous and possessive type. I tried my best but at times its never good enough (according to her mother, I was the first 'nice' boyfriend she had. Not players or wife beaters like her exs).

Of course I was upset but 5 weeks on I am in a good place. I trained hard in the gym so I lost about 12 kilos (88 to 76) and manage to get toned up very quickly (hired a personal trainer), changed my cloths etc. My confidence is growing again. I spent time with friends and made a lot of new female friends.

Suddenly she asked our common friend How I am doing and started liking my new Facebook photo album (from no contact for about a month).

I went for this hiking trip and changed my FB cover photo. Out of the blue from NC, she tried to make a funny/flirty comment publically with my name tagged ( haha. , where is your finger pointing at?).

It was a fun photo with a group of friends. if you look very very hard from the way I had my hand, it looked like I was pointing my finger at my crouch.

So I said, Erm :) Camera and she said erm... sure. My response was - it was a fun photo with friends and I liked it.

I got a feeling that her frequency of contact will increase in coming weeks.

I am useless at this stuff. How would I know if she is trying to be just friends with me or trying to get me again?

I am nearly over her and a different person (look, build, happiness), got more girls attention now etc. but because I still love her I am worried that I will get hurt.


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  • She wants your attention and maybe get back with you, but I'm telling you. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!
    She'll lower your self esteem again. Making you feel you're not good enough like she once did.
    She'll make you cut off any relationship with your new girl friends you've made.
    You might even gain weight back.
    You're doing way way way better than how you were with her.
    And she SEES that.
    What person wants to see their ex doing better without them?
    I suggest you put your eyes some where else.
    A girl that will love you and appreciate you.
    Work out with you and go hiking, or what ever you like.
    A girl that will never make you feel like you're not good enough.
    A girl that won't try to change you, because she will love you for who you are!
    A girl that will trust you around other girls, because she knows you only have eyes for her.
    A girl that will stay and works things out with you instead of giving you excuses that it feels more like a "friendship" than a relationship.
    Don't pay attention to someone who's not mature enough for a relationship. Delete her, if you have to.
    She's history now, and you're a better you today.
    Trust me, you deserve better.

    • Thank you for your advice. I will look ahead. I think she is trying to play me but I will not give into her games.

    • That's good that you won't give in to her games, or else you'll end up losing. Take care (:

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  • I feel like she realizes you're a looker now (not that you weren't before!) and realizes she let a good guy go, and is very jealous over the fact you have other girl's attention. I would flat out tell her you won't tolerate it, and block her. Trust me, as a girl, I know that my gender can be very toxic, I would cut off all contact. Sorry this happened to you, you sound like a good guy.

  • Ok. Protect ur heart bc she's coming to trample on it again. She doesn't know what she wants. She extremely immature ("she wants someone to shout and yell back at her"). She more than likely broke up with u bc u are too vanilla and she found someone more to her liking. But since things didn't pan out for her in her adventure (whether it was to be with another guy or to play the field b4 being tied to just u) then she'll just have to settle for you. That's not something or someone u want. U seem like a genuine guy and it wouldn't be fair to u to be in a relationship with someone who is going to play games with u. Ur at an age where u can think about settling down or playing the field. And ur choosing to settle (which is fine) but don't get caught up and hurt by someone who won't make u happy.
    If u choose to get back with her PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Don't move into too fast or u risk history repeating itself.
    Best of luck hun.

    • Many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

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