What was the worst thing your boyfriend/girlfriend ever said to you?

Just wondering mine was probably, "Dumbass bitch you can't even not wear make up when I tell you too."


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was dating a girl and she just wanted to have sex. we never did any "dates" movies, dinner etc.. so I said you know I'm not to sure this is working out. 2 days later she text me saying, I met someone.. that kind of crushed me. cause I know when she said she met someone she meant "did the deed"

    • Dude.. That sucks I'm sorry. Fuck her, you're way better with out her xD

    • Thanks, you're right I had met someone 1000x better

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well he called me a fucking cunt!! I don't know about you but to have someone who says they love you or did and to call you that.


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  • That guy is prob way too dominant for you, there are girls who want this though
    But id you don't like that then leave him or tell him to give more space and be less dominant, if he remains dominat then dump him

    The worst thing said to me was that she would kill herself if i would brake up with her
    It's very hard to deal with but i called the cops and send them to her house becuase she might be sucidcial.
    Worked out yust fine :)

    Hope this helped :)


What Girls Said 1

  • =O Dump him! I never had a boyfriend so I don't know...but if he called me the c word I would probably die a little =[


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