What do you think about the "no contact" rule?

I really want things to work out with my boyfriend, but I think we need some space. I don't know where we stand. I think me texting is saying " remember me"? We find ourselves in many arguments , I think space is the thing to do right now. Has anyone done the "no contact" rule"? If so how successful was it? And why did u do it?

No contact, I mean as in SAYING NOTHING! Until they do


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  • It's bogus, someone else just asked something similar. no contact rule is not a rule, its just something some a stupid egotistical player of a guy put in play so he could go out and bang a bunch of hoes. if you like him chase after him. (but don't go all crazy stalker status). guys like to be pursued just as much as the ladies.

    • Well if the guy always going to be mean then there is no reason to chase! Someone being annoyed isn't going to fix things

    • Well then if he is always mean just break up. Find someone new there is no need to talk to an ex if kids aren't involved.

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