Should I move on. 4 year relationship ended Christmas. She has a new bf.?

Hey guys. I think I know the answer but I don't want to face the music. This is my first time posting something.

After 4 years my ex and I broke up around Christmas this past year. When we first broke up I was happy with it, she broke up with me but I didn't stop her. We lived together (in my house) for two years. She told me she wanted to move and I said OK, her apartment wasn't ready so we kept putting off the date she was to move out. Christmas we got in a fight I told her to leave and she did. Within a month I realized I messed up again. This was our second break up. first time we broke up was two years in for about 6 months. I thought it was done for good she moved away, we were both dating other people and then all of a sudden we got back and things were great at first. Eventually communication went to crap and the relationship followed. We would argue about the smallest issues. We had good times but also bad. We stopped sleeping together for at least two months before (we use to have great sex). We did no contact the third month for the entire month and things got worst not better

I boughy her a ring, got her a Valentine's day present that had pre paid gift cards with dates on them as a date night ideas. I joined the gym and have made a lot ofchanges. I told her and she says she's not sure.

She's friends with my friends so we see each other sometimes. As of recently she stopped returning my texts and we're both seeing other people. I personally are only doing it out of loneliness, her I'm it sure the reason. She tells me she's not dating him but there always together, I saw her kiss him at a bar, they clearly are something. I truly love this girl and know this time I would make the changes I need to make it work. She wanted to get married and I didn't think I did until she was gone.

Should I keep trying or just throw in the towel and let it be.

Valentines Day

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  • Follow my words.
    M-O-V-E O-N
    Even if she has feelings for you, it's not going to work practically.
    I know it's difficult... But face the reality.
    She has coped with her loneliness and you must do it too. Now do not play with the feelings of person you are dating.

  • Tl;DR

    Yes, move on.

Valentines Day