Is this really over? Any chance for reconciliation?

We have dated for about two months and have spent a lot of time together. We bonded instantly and have fallen in love. I lied to her for an insignificant reason and showed up drunk at her place. She asked me to leave and ended it the next day for lying. The following day she found out (not by me) about an arrest I had 9 years ago for attempted solicitation of a minor. She works as an adolescent clinical therapist. I have received professional counseling and have moved forward with my life. She insists that their is no way we can reconcile and has asked me for space and to leave her alone. She also states she is hurt and still has feelings for me, but wants to put us behind her. Is their a chance for us getting back together? Should I just move on and let her go?
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Is this over?


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  • It's over. That doesn't mean that you can't still care about her just do it from a distance. You have to respect her choice that she no longer wants you in her life. Also I would think about what lead to to lie to her in the first place and learn from the experience.

  • Don't give yourself false hope. You may have to care about her from a distance. Respect her and give her the space she needs. If she doesn't want a dating relationship, maybe a simple friendship might be better...just give her time. But it doesn't AlwAys end on a happy note. Sometimes, you have to let the ones you love most go. It sucks, but sometimes its for the best. "Only know you love her when you let her go" ;-) (corny I know). Im not saying there isn't a chance... But im also not saying there is one. Keep your head up! There r PLENTY of fish in the sea. You'll find another. Just keep pushing through. Guard your heart.


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