Does my ex still love me? Or has he truly moved on?

My ex and I have been apart for 4 months. We were together for 6 months. I thought I was pregnant & was totally overwhelmed and terrified by the thought of pregnancy. Once I discovered I wasn’t pregnant, I wanted to call it quits. Before the pregnancy scare, we had already been having problems – my family didn’t like him; he wanted us to get engaged really quickly and he was argumentative and manipulative. We stayed together for as long as we did mainly cos we had a very passionate, physical relationship. He loved me like no other guy ever has and I loved him. A huge problem was also that every time we argued, our only “solution” was sex, so obviously issues never got resolved. I made the tough (yet impulsive) decision to break up with him. He was devastated and begged me to change my mind. We kept in regular contact post our breakup and a month later, I wanted us to reconcile. But once again, the original problems were still there…To complicate matters, we ended up back in same the sexual pattern our whole relationship had been defined by. Our relationship was then truly over. He cut all communication. About 7 weeks went by until we saw each other again. I then heard that he was seeing someone new. I was totally heartbroken. I knew I had no right to blame him cos I ended our relationship. A few friends and I had a girls night out. We met some really hot guys while at the bar, one of who was really interested in me.I later discovered these guys were actually friends with my ex and they were meeting him at the same bar for drinks! My ex arrived, shocked to see me with his friends & I left. Quite a lot of guys were hitting on my that night, and my friend said my ex was watching from afar. Later, my ex texted me, saying he didn’t want us to act awkwardly around each other. He then asked,“so how’s the new bf” – I said I didn’t have one. I then asked him, saying his friend had told me he was someone new, and he didn’t say yes or no? Could he still love me?


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  • Wow that is a lot. Honestly it sounds like you want something to be there an it just isn't. And from everything you put in this post, if you read it from a non-biased view, it seems like a good thing your not together. but I understand that the heart wants what it wants.


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  • even if your ex-husband has made peace again even if you do not want to meet you love like they used to, like a friend or never leave such as care


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