Did he leave because I got too emotional?

A couple weeks before my ex and I broke up I started a fight. He always critisized me about a lot of stuff I did. So I said to him that I'm not sure if he really loves me if he has that much to critisize about me. And he said that he usually doesn't really mean it. And I said that i'm a very insecure person and that I don't take criticism that well. After the fight we didn't really talk for 2 weeks. He said that he's still mad so I left him alone. When we met up again, he broke up with me.
Did he leave because I got too emotional or too insecure?


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  • he left you because he is an idiot. move on


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  • it doesn't matter why he broke up,
    what matter is clearly u r emotionally weak which means u need a guy who is caring and loving.. who loves to take care of others like d geeky/introverted guy who is too shy to talk bt given a chance will do anythng for u,
    dat kind of guy is what compatible for u,,, njoy dear!!


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  • Probably yes , being with someone who is over emotional is stressful

  • what did he critisize you about? :/

    • Different stuff, he'd say something like "why don't you do sports?" or"You'll never get that grade in that class" and yeah..

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    • You're probably right, thanks for the advice :)

    • stay strong :) I don't take criticism well either, and I'm also very insecure.

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