can someone who has cheated ever stop cheating?

im interested in this guy who i know has cheated on other girls and he was sleeping with a married woman. I know i should run the other direction but can a cheater ever stop cheating?
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  • No. The rush is more important than any one woman. Ask how I know.


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  • Listen from a guys point of view I would love to tell you we can change and he will definitely tell you he can change but the truth is he won't...he will say it but actions are not words I mean what's stopping him... You may think you can change him or make him better... No it won't happen cheating isn't a 1 time deal it's a life choice and he's made it...

  • Considering you speak in a manner suggesting recent events (within the last two years) run. Really fast. Really far.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he can because once you have crossed the line, you can go back. It seems easy to do it again.


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