If your SO is leaving you, what would you do to delay the process or to give the person another chance to rethink their decision and stay with you?

Scenario: I text/call you with an intention to break up with you, you can tell what's coming up. what would you do to make me rethink my decision?
  • refuse to see me
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  • get pissed at me
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  • let me come in and do the break up
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  • go on break instead
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  • leave me before I leave you
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I wish the person who said go on break can emphasize more.thanks.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you should let them go.

    If you find a way to keep them the relationship will be hanging by a thread at best. They'll resent you for not letting them move on

    • sorry I did not get what you mean. Did you mean just let go without doing the break up? we did not break up yet we just stopped talking to each other, now I'm the one feeling that I'm hanging and him contacting me will disrupt my move on process even though I was the one planing to break up.

    • Well if you haven't broken up an maybe that's different. But if he explicitly said he wants to real up than just let him do it. Even of you can convince him to rein kit it will never be the same.

Most Helpful Girl

  • No. If they don't wanna be with me without a doubt, go.
    Thatll just draw out to its unstable and inevitable end eventually.

    • what would you do if you think the person you're with is just settling with you? is that a good reason to leave the relationship?

    • Yes. If they're questioning it that much, its obvious they aren't happy. Then it's not fair to anyone to just settle I guess

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What Guys Said 4

  • Should my partner think that it's time for us to part ways, I will not stop her or try to convince her otherwise. I might question her doing so, but I believe that she probably has thought about the situation adequotely and has concluded that breaking up is the best course of action.

  • Honestly? Offer him cake and watch a movie. Calm him down with some sweet candles and just don't make a move on him. No man can rage to movies that have cute puppies with motorcycles in them at some point.

    • What if he doesn't want the cake, does not watch the movie and blows out the candles? Actually they can rage to that. Some guys will rage to anything if he wants to.

    • Well if he wants to rage he's going to rage no matter what. At least offer him something wonderful if you're going to bother since sobbing with "BABY I LOVE YOU!" is definitely not going to make it better. Relax a little. People are fickle.

  • I would want to know why you would want to break up and then go from there.

    • would you ask me to give the relationship another chance if we think the reason I'm breaking up with you is not a big of a deal? cuz I'm the cause of the break up , I'm feeling somewhat incompetent for this relationship, I may have hurt/offended my so on few occasions without meaning but it's eating me alive :(

  • I wouldn't try and salvage it honestly


What Girls Said 2

  • I would do nothing to delay the process because if someone doesn't want to be with me, why waste energy on them? Totally pointless.

  • I would prefer to face it


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