Should I ask my ex how he feels about me?

He broke up with me a month ago and we have been friendly ever since. He kept a love letter I gave him. He sends me mix singles. Sometimes smiling at me and other times he acts a bit quiet. I act a bit flirty towards him but I don't know how he feels about me. So guys should I?
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  • Why not ask him directly? If you're still friendly, feel free to ask him anything.

    • Well see we're usually in public and uh yeah, I can't get him alone. He's pretty busy. Also, couldn't it destroy our friendship and make things awkward?

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    • We did go on dates when we were dating but I don't see him outside of class anymore because of my hectic schedule.

    • I got him to meet me in private tomorrow. Thanks. What should I say though?

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  • Regardless how long two people have been friends before they started dating I don't see why they would want to be friends if one of them ends the relationship. If you can not get alone time with him then that should tell you that a relationship is not going to happen again. I can understand if you two are to busy to see each other but why would you still want to be friends with him even after he ended the relationship with you. I know you two were friends for more than three years before dating but still.

    • We are meeting in private. We remained friends because we care about each other.

    • Interesting that you both care enough to remain friends but not enough for him to still want to be your boyfriend. Going from friends to boyfriend girlfriend means you love and care about each other more. but going from lovers to friends again means he doesn't love you or care about you as much any more

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