if you were mad at guy and knew he missed you would you keep avoiding him so he keeps missing you?

yeah if you knew he was missing you and hurting but you were still upset at him over something say he cheated on you , would you keep avoiding him and allowing him to keep missing you to hurt his feelings?
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  • No, I'd keep avoiding him because he's worthless to me. It has nothing to do with torturing him. Saying it tortures him implies that he has some sort of entitlement toward forgiveness or interaction with me. Cut it out, man up, move on, and treat the next girl right.


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  • it really depends on the context of what he did...and you said you cheated...that is the worse crime in love and sorry i would never look at him again. i could never be with a man i gave my heart to, who made love to another woman.

    but lets say you just had a fight, or he did something forgive-able, i would still acknowledge him and i wouldn't go out of my way to avoid him, i would deep down really want him to chase me and make things right again.

  • Of course not. I'm an adult woman.

    The truth of the matter is we're both hurting. To hurt him is to hurt myself.

    My way of handling the situation is to talk about it, while cuddling, naked. Lol

    No anger for long. ;)

  • It depends on how he treated me in the relationship

  • I am a teenager. So to be honest, I would because I would want him to know how i feel. GIve him a taste of his own chocolate. I know it is a bad way to handle things, but it works. Makes the guy feel guilty and makes him want you more, thats what i know from experience

  • If he cheated I'd be done, I'd be avoiding him for ME, not because I cared what he felt at that point.


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