Does this former fling want me back?

This guy and I were seeing each other, fairly casually, but he definitely seemed very into me. His friends were even telling me all the time how into me he was. But he suddenly told me one day that he wasn't interested anymore, that he "couldn't commit." I was fairly hurt, and we stopped talking for a while. But now, we're talking again. He is always either incredibly excited to see me and talk to me, or he looks really angry and upset. Also, he is being more flirty than ever. He is always making excuses to touch me, is always teasing me, and laughs way too hard at everything I say. He's my good friend's roommate, and just the other night, we were all hanging out. I'd had a few beers, he was sober, and he somehow coerced me into a wrestling match, which basically just consisted of him finding new ways to pin me down. The one time I got on top of him, he said I had to finish it, and I almost feel as if he was trying to get me to kiss him. I don't know if I'm just reading into things, but I'm very confused. We never talked about being friends after we ended things, so now I'm wondering if this means he wants things to go back to how they were, or if he's just trying to be friends. Please help!


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  • Honestly speaking he probably just wants things back to how they were but its soundslike he just wants to have sex with u and not be friends


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