Why would a guy do this to a girl?

If a guy is very good friends with a girl, hangs out with her all the freaking time for months (7 to be exact), goes out with her to various date-ish things one on one, confides in her, is vulnerable in front of her, shares all his thoughts, secrets, fears etc...

Introduces her to all his friends and various family members (but not parents)...

Then sleeps with her a few times, cuddles at other times...

Says he is 'obviously' attracted to her...

Makes plans to go on holidays with her!!

And then wants to revert back to being 'just friends' ?

What's wrong here? And I don't buy the whole 'he's just not that into you', because I have been friends with guys that I was not that into and I would not even kiss them! Yet alone sleep with them a few times or hang out with them most days!

By the way, haven't heard from him for 10 days ever since we had 'the talk'...
I really wonder if I will ever trust anyone ever again after this...


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  • he just wanted to be friends with benifits. he doesn't want to commit. i wish i had a friend with benifits

    • Haha, but then he could have said 'friends with benefits' and not 'just friends' ;)

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    • Well, he said that he doesn't understand why I want to be his girlfriend (because he thinks he is a loser) and when I said that 'girlfriend' is a bit much, he said 'well maybe you don't want it to be officially, but still'... so I kind of suggested the 'with benefits', but he seems to have turned this down as well. I really don't understand him right now, and what hurts most is that he has not tried to reach out in 10 days...

    • he is being a real asshole to you. he doesn't give a shit about your feelings

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  • He's not interested in you romantically. He can probably tell that you are very interested in him which is why he hard sex with you. Also, if you have to question if it's a date, then it's b probably not a date. The sudden distance is probably because he can see that you like him way more than he likes you and doesn't want to lead you on. Get over him, give it some time, maybe you can be friends in the future.


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  • Errmm.. frankly I thing he is a low life.. but hey just my honest opinion

    • It's quite bizarre, isn't it?

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    • I just always thought that guys value having that 'special' someone in their lives they can really talk to and share their feelings/thoughts and that either this is most important (which would mean they don't sleep with that person), or they want something more - in which case they also start sleeping with them, but then it is not just 'being friends' anymore, but something more considering the emotional and psychological connection which was definitely there beforehand...

    • I value that.. I can't answer for other men. I am looking for a soul mate, best friend.. lover. Kind of hard to find these days x

  • You're the crazy one, I think, since you've asked this question how many times now?

    You've obviously got issues.


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