Girlfriend and I broke up and I simply don't want it to be over. What do I do?

We're both young, I should preface. Me 20 and her 19. Just a few months ago, her and I were incredibly happy with the relationship. It was perfect. We vacationed and had a great time. This past month completely changed. She began falling apart, getting emotional, not knowing what to do. She's challenged with a lot of stress; college and switching majors, finding a job, etc. The more she got stressed, the more she reconsidered the relationship. She wants a guy who is active and responsible. I haven't been that guy because I've suffered with depression for a long time. I got help for it and was doing great for a while about a year ago, but it fell to bits. I relapsed and she got a glimpse of the old me again. She doesn't want to be with lazy me, and I don't want to be lazy me. I'm taking medication and now seeing a therapist. I'm making a huge effort to change and she sees it, but fears it won't be permanent and that's one of the reasons she won't come back right away. She said she wants time to think but she hasn't asked for space.

I want her back. No, I need her back. I want to change for myself but having her with me in the process would make it easier. I love her and I'm lost. We continue to talk regularly "as friends." We even have a cabin rented for just us 2 weeks from now. Should I give her time and continue to talk with her? Should I cut off contact? Is there hope?


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  • All you can do is continue to try and show her you've changed... If she going through a lot right now it could take some time for her to come around but if she loves you she will. If she walks away its her issue not yours... Good luck


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  • Well she is still talking to you so there is hope. Crazy thought instead of tell us everything you just said. Tell her. Explain why you need her in your life. You say you want to be responsible etc. Do it talk to the girl.


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