Ex boyfriend contacted me again.. I don't know what will I respond. I need point of view from both sides. Thanks!

I am pretty going fine in my life now after my boyfriend of almost 3 years. broke up with me last year. We didn't talked after we broke up for a 1 month. After that 1 month he message me and greeted me in since it's Christmas and new year. After he greeted me in this times we had some talked but it happens rarely. I didn't give too much attention to it because I was trying to move on.

There were a times he said he miss and loves me but he never even asked me to get back together and when I asked him he said he doesn't know.

We stop talking again and it takes 1 1/2 months. He initiate a first contact and I decided to take some time to reply back in his messages because I don't him to think different or misinterpret my reactions by replying too fast on it. The first message he send was just hey and I replied with hey too. He asked me how am I so I said I am busy but I'm doing great and I asked him how about him? He said his good and thanks.

Actually, I don't know what will I reply because he said his good and thanks, there's no follow up questions after he said that and I didn't replied yet on that because I don't know what I will reply.
  • Yes (replied with him by a asking him or just simply says that's great)
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  • No (ignore him and let him ask follow up questions)
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I don't have any plans to do mind games it is simply because I don't like mind games.


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  • You reply "cool" and then leave it alone.

    • What will happen if ever I don't reply at all in it? As a guy what you will think of?

    • hypothetically, I would expect little or zero response since you are my ex. I just think it is a little more cordial to reply "cool." Then he can say "yep" or not reply.

    • Thanks. :)

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  • i dont talk to any of my exes. haven't in many years. so i say cut him loose and move on


What Girls Said 1

  • There is a old saying. "If something becomes ex, there should be a reason."
    There is nothing good coming from an ex relationship.
    Ignore him and move on. Open yourself a clean start.


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