Break up, now "friends" want to hang out?

So my ex and I have a child, we were engaged and all that but now that were broken up I had a friend tell me see how many friends come around now that he's gone since they didn't like him. Are they true friends if they didn't want to even hang out with me while I was with him? Shouldn't they have still had a relationship with me as a one on one friend even while I was with him? I feel if they weren't my friend when I was with him then they really aren't friends at all?


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  • Not necessarily. There are three sides to a story. If your friends went as far as to discontinue spending time with YOU, then SOMETHING had to be going on to make them go to that extreme. Its hard to analyze the situation because you left out WHY they dislike your ex or what your behavior was in the process of the drama. I bet if your friends were on this forum, they would be able to answer with complete honesty and conviction of why they decided to not spend time with you anymore.

    Secondly, I have friends that I have had to separate myself from because maybe their lifestyle and choices are no longer conducive to what I want to be around, and I thought they were toxic. A real friend. I'd able to be honest with you , and take a stand when need be. So I hear what you're saying, but I can't assist in condemning your friends behavior.

    So looking at this objectively, I would assume that if multiple friends of yours decided to separate themselves from spending time with you, they MUST have had a reason to...and a legit one at that.


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