What would bother you more---cheating or lying about it?

My boyfriend slept with his ex multiple times at the start of our relationship and lied about it to me. We've been together 3 years now. A while back I discovered his transgression and I called him on it. He lied again and again despite my clearly knowing the details and tells me weak BS to excuse said details ("Oh, guys bullshit to eachother the time! That stuff isn't true". I stayed because it was in the past and I am not in a position to deal with a messy breakup, however the lying really bothered me. I can forgive a past event but lying about it is not only a second betrayal but brings the betrayal into the future. I can't forgive if he insists on continuing to lie about what he did (and yes, I have evidence). Chances are, if he keeps denying it, I will leave him as soon as I get a good opportunity to do so (and I let him know I would drop the topic but not forget and it would come around to bite him in the ass)

Ladies, what would bother you more---the cheating or the the lying about it when he is confronted?


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  • cheating. people lie and I expect them to lie if they've cheated. the lying is obviously bad and unacceptable but the cheating is worse to me


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  • Cheating but lying about it is just as bad. Just wrong but people will do it forever.

  • The cheating. I have no tolerance for that.


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