Question about my ex-girlfriend that I think I know the answer to, but I'm just looking for outside opinions.?

So my ex (age 22) and I (age 20) dated for about a year, she broke up with me on March 1st saying she needed space and slept with another guy 2 weeks later, that previously she stated was, "only her friend." For the most part this relationship worked perfectly, but then she started to flirt with other guys and became quite negative to be around. She tried to continue to act like my best friend and thought I wouldn't find out what she did. Obviously I was heart broken that someone could do this to me, as I was completely in love with this girl and all I was, was a complete gentlemen and nice person to her. Never once did I cheat, or even think about cheating. Her family loved me, people were absolutely shocked when they found out it was over.

My real question comes because in about 3 months I am going to be forced to work alongside her again at my place of employment. I've texted her multiple times asking to be civil, and either I get ignored, or she sends me huge paragraphs telling me how being a nice person won't get my far in life and starts calling me an asshole and such. (literally for no reason at all) Mind you, I've never said a bad word about her post-breakup. (I'm trying to make a clean break) Can I do anything (I've been in NC for about 2 weeks) to at least get back on good terms before we work together again. Should I wait for her to "miss me," and make first contact? Just confused on how to handle this situation.

And also, I have no interest in pursuing another chance with her, as what she did made me lose a lot of respect for her, just trying to get on speaking terms again to make working with her less awkward.


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  • I don't think speaking to her will benefit you in any way. Do not message her anymore. She doesn't want to talk to you. You be civil at work, do what you have to do. I don't know what you exactly mean why "working alongside her?" Could you expand a bit?


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  • Leave and forget that girl and you would be happier than before. She is not for you.
    Mark my words. Move on for suitable next then comfortable and no need to look at your past then.
    If you bow down for her then i will feel sorry for you bro

    • Don't be senti...move on. Do not compromise your self respect for girl like her. Treat her like stranger even if she is next to you or act formally.
      Don't be submissive.

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  • I would say contacting her will probably only further aggravate her. she is most likely lashing out as a way to deal with her hurt over the break up.


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