What can i do to make my best friend forgive me and start a new friendship with her?

I told my best friend that i slept with her boyfriend and i and she shout in my face i really feel guilty because i hurt her like that she even broke up with her boyfriend and she said if you want him you can take him he's free now! I told her that I love someone else and i don't care about her boyfriend but she didn't believe me! And she asked me to stay away from her for a while because she's not ok and i couldn't stop thinking about her since that day please i really need a help she mean everything to me and I really care about her.


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  • wait you hooked up with her ex whom she said she didn't care if you talked to him... then she asked (after you hooked up with him) that you stay away?

    or you hooked up with her bf whom she dumped, said she didn't care if you hooked up with him and now is saying that you should stay away?

    • She broke up with him after I told her that we slept together

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    • don't beat yourself up too much. people make mistakes, some bigger than others. this isn't the worst mistake someone ever made

    • Yes it is because i lost my best friend because of her boyfriend 😢😢💔💔

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  • Why would you sleep with him in the first place? If you valued your friendship that much, you would not have allowed something as fleeting as lust get in the way of it? I think it's safe to say that it's a burned bridge, and even if she does choose to talk to you again your friendship will not ever be the same. I personally would not forgive that.

    • I didn't mean it!!! I really love her that's why i feel guilty
      I post a question about this problem since days you can read it and you will know the problem from the beginning 😢😢😢😢

    • I don't feel sorry for you at all. No one is this oblivious and I don't believe that you didn't see it coming or that you "didn't mean it". When you were taking your clothes off you did not care about her feelings, so don't start pretending to be a good friend now. You messed up and chose sex over a friendship so just deal with it and move on. Let it be a lesson to you not to f*ck your friends' boyfriends...though I'm sure you already knew.

    • Seriously!!! It was a mistake and it won't happen again for rest of my life, you don't know me to judge me ok? And you don't know what I feel since that happened

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  • Well seriously you slept with her boyfriend then she found out an dumped him and told you to stay away... I say that bridge has been burnt probably best if you just move on

    • I can't she's my best friend

    • well maybe time will heal her wound , some people are more forgiving then others if she is your best friend then maybe over time she can forgive if she is that type of person

  • You messed up. Big time.
    She was your best friend and you betrayed her. How the heck did you think she would react? "Oh lets have a threesome. And you can f**k him every other weekend. It's good that we can share."
    You are untrustworthy. For you to even think you can get her friendship back is pretty naive. In my opinion.
    You don`t deserve her friendship. And I hope she never gives it to you.

    So have you told your boyfriend that you cheated on him?

    • I don't have a boyfriend

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    • Him inviting you to his house may have been the start.

      But you could have put an end to the sex before it ever happened.

    • I couldn't stop him! So it's just happened

  • Cheating kind of works like that.If you've known her for 5 years before you cheated with her boyfriend, she might want to see that you have 5 years of excellent behaviour (from today), before she ever wants to know you again.That would be normal.

    • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I really feel guilty because of what i did

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  • Your fault! it was a mistake? YOU wanted it! YOU did it because you wanted it. Now you expect her to just forget about it? if i would be her i would sleep with YOUR bf, would that be nice? she should get rid of you forever. If i would be her you would be long gone because i could never trust you again. How do you know you won't do it again? did her bf initiated the sex or you? that might make a difference.

    • Everything was his mistake he started everything!

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    • They broke up 😔

    • But maybe you can still contact him to tell her not to blame you. If you can't do that then I don't know what you should do. I haven't been in a situation like this before.

  • Best thing to do now is give her space. People need to take time to cool off , and she needs you to go away maybe let her be for 2 weeks etc. Than meet with her and calmly tell her your side.

  • if she means that much to you, you shouldn't have done it in the first place no matter what the situation was


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