Is my ex trying to use me as a rebound or is she realizing what she missed out on?

Long story short, my ex and I had a real hot and cold relationship and we have "broken up" a couple times and the most recent one it resulted in us un-friending each other on fb and she also told me she was blocking my phone number.

After over about a month of no contact I sent her a message on Easter saying in the honor of forgiveness I wanted to tell her I had no hard feelings and I was bad at holding grudges and I really didn't think anything happened between us that should make us block each other. She responded "I appreciate the kind words. You're a really good guy, always the first to apologize and make things right. I'm sorry for everything. There are no hard feelings and Happy Easter :)"

The next day she sent me another message, then a friend request on fb and also a text message. When I accepted her friend request I noticed she had just posted a status about being cheated on. So I asked her about it and she said it wasn't a long term thing but it still sucked and I told her that I was sorry to hear that and cheered her up a little bit and she wrote "<3 I appreciate that a lot. I really needed to hear that."

Today she added me on instagram, I don't have any pictures posted. She texted me "post stuff on instagram so a can creep on it :)". After a couple more texts she was telling me things like "you're my favorite" "Let's start over again, I want to see you" and "I had stopped myself from texting you like a billion times, I think about you all the time"

So do you think she realized how good she had it with me, or am I being used as a rebound?


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  • I think she realized that she had a wonderful guy in her life and he wanted it all back. Us girl say we hate our exes and unfriend then block them then we starts to remember all the wonderful moments. Also when she can be using you cause when I date a guy and we break up, I always go back to my ex that I liked the most


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  • Probably both. Things will just go right back to the way they were though, so unless you enjoy the drama or something, just move on. I have never heard of a couple to break up multiple times and end up working out.


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