what was the worst heartbreak you ever had?

describe the circumstances of your worst heartbreak? how long did it take you to recover? how did you deal with it? do you still care for/miss the person? did they ever regret it & try to get you back?


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  • Cheated on by my first love at 15, I fainted and cried until I was sick when I found out, I had that horrible sinking feeling in my tummy for about three months, yuck.

    I dealt with it by concentrating my efforts in to my studies and friends, just kept myself occupied and distracted and let time heal the pain - and it worked.

    I'm 21 and me and the guy are civil nowadays, definitely no feelings involved there and I don't miss him, looking back at that time, the guy was such an asshole. He regretted it but I could just never forgive him, it just wasn't the same.

    • Cheating can be so, so devastating. I'd probably have a similar reaction as you did if I ever caught my boyfriend cheating *shudders*

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  • It happened last December. We didn't date very long at all, but we had been friends for years and I already knew I loved him. By the time we got together, I was thoroughly convinced that I was going to marry him. Sounds weird getting that far ahead of myself, but I knew from being his friend what a great guy he was, and I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for me.

    Our breakup came as a big surprise. He had pulled back from the relationship a little the week before, but we talked through it and he told me it was all in his head, that he wasn't going to run away. So one afternoon he texted me inviting me to meet him for dinner and I agreed. It had started snowing pretty heavily and the roads weren't safe to drive on, but I didn't want to cancel on him. Well, near the end of dinner, he broke the news to me. I had only about half a second of warning, and that's nowhere near enough time for me to prepare myself for losing him. He went on to explain the reasons and his thoughts, but it all went over my head. I blocked everything out in an attempt to keep myself from breaking down until I got home. I didn't sleep that night and I barely ate for 3 days. I broke down sobbing - which I NEVER do.

    And now it's been nearly 5 months and I haven't stopped thinking about him. I don't even really want to get over him because I feel certain that I'll never feel this way about another guy. Even if I fall in love again, it'll just be love. What I feel towards this guy is more than that.

    Anyway, we're friends now, which is probably not helping me recover but like I said, I don't really want to anyways haha. He even flirts with me sometimes, which is just his personality, but it tears me up when he does. I just continue being his friend because I couldn't stand to lose him. And I'm going with the hope that the more I hang out with him, the easier it'll get. :)

    Pathetic, isn't it?

  • i lost my fiance (the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate...take your pick) to a roadside bomb 2 years ago...still not over it and dont think i ever really will be. i deal with it day by day, pretty much just trying to get by. i miss him like crazy and think about every waking minute of my life :(

    • I'm so sorry.. do you ever think you will be able to find someone else to spend your life with? :/

    • honestly, i dont know. im not even sure i want to fall in love again!! because let me tell you something, it is not better to have loved and lost!! it literally feels like my heart is broken, like there's a piece of me missing!!

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