GIRLS/GUYS:Have you recently or currently are going through a break-up? If so I could use some advice and tips, please read my story.?

Ok so, mine is a little bit different from an actual/typical breakup. I wouldn't call it exactly a break-up but I have no idea what else to call it. I met the guy in question back in March, the chemistry between us was flowing perfectly. He invited me to have dinner with his family at his house (which is in the same street as mine) yes we're neighbors. Everything was great! that night. I had an excellent conversation with his mom. At the end he had to leave for work, as soon as he left, his fourteen year old kid came to me and asked me if I liked his dad, I said yes I do, he replied, he does like you too.

The following days I saw the kid again at a party, he came to me again and said: Can you please write down your number for my dad? And since I really, really liked him, I did. He text me three days later and we had amazing conversations, he'd text me for hours.
On our first time alone we had a wonderful conversation about what we like, our lives, past relationships, etc. Especially him who is divorced. And that same day he asked to see me again three days later, so we went out again, but the physical attraction between us was so strong that we held hands, hugged a lot and kissed on the lips.

He never text me the days after that night, I was the one who text him to ask how he was, and he replied, but just one day I saw him at the store and I'm not sure if he pretended he didn't see me, or he ignored me on purpose :( So I felt very awkward. Despite my impulse of wanting to text him and ask what was wrong I never did. After a week or so, I find out through FB he was seeing an old friend of his, a girl he had known for years. Then I realized they had started to date. I was very shocked at how hypocrite and liar this guy turned out to be. But since we live houses away I get to see him pretty often. So like I said is not exactly a break-up but anyway.Can you give me tips how do I get him out of my mind? I kept thinking about all he said to me.
PS. I do go out with my friends, and have lots of fun. I do try to keep myself distracted with my hobbies, work etc. But somehow I can't help but think in all the beautiful things he told me that turned out not to be true. I appreciate ur help!


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  • Do things that make you feel good and keep busy. Surround yourself with friends. Get a hobby. Take the time to better yourself.

    DO NOT do what so many in this generation due and try to make him jealous. You'll only degrade yourself and come out looking like a whore.

    • Yes I've been keeping myself busy and having fun with friends/family. Just find it kind of hard to completely shake the thought I had of him, and see the real person he is.

      Thanks for your great advice, I sure will not try to make him jealous, I appreciate your guy's P.O.V on that.

    • While you're at it, revenge is always sweet.

      And what's the best revenge?

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  • Best way to get over someone is to get under someone... he sounds like a jerk, go have fun girl and forget about the fool.

    • He is a jerk indeed, thanks for your answer.

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