Girls, how do you like being cheered up?

A female friend of mine (and ex) is really depressed. Her car broke down and can't be fixed (she has had 2 other cars stolen, so she has had 3 cars of hers that she had to replace) and she doesn't have money to buy a new one, and she is a nursing student and can't really work enough to pay for a new one. She just broke up with a long term boyfriend, the guy she dated after me, and he cheated on her, and then got in a fight with her brother afterwards and they got a PPO against him and it ended with the cops responding to the scene. Her dad just got laid off work and then had a heart attack and was in the hospital last week.

So she has been calling me a lot lately, most recently just now and she was balling her eyes out. She was saying her life was awful and she was going to start smoking again (she quit 8 months ago). She said working hard in life doesn't get you ahead and no matter how hard she tries, shitty things keep happening to her.

I suggested I go take her out tonight and she wasn't really feeling it (maybe I didn't push it enough), I told her I'd come over if she wanted and she responded "and do what?" I told I would do anything she wanted if she thought it would help and she said "you can't do anything to help me, if I could do something to help I would have done it already".

Like I feel awful that she is going through this, what should I do? Ladies when you are going through rough stretches what can someone do that cheers you up?


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  • First of all you are a really sweet guy to be a shoulder for her to cry on and the fact that you want to surprise her shows that you are a special person in her life.

    She may not be able to see it because sh's going through a lot of unfortunate events but I think you should buy her chocolates and surprise her with flowers and come over to her house and just listen to her.

    I also suggest you pray for her. Pray for her family and pray for her situation.

    Don't give up on your friend just be a word of encouragement for her! I would say go to church church is a place of healing invite her to a church if you can.

    If you aren't religious that's fine but to me those would help heal me but honestly healing takes place within a person and within their own time.. all you can really do is be patient and be there for her.

    But I'd say pray :P I mean even if you don't believe in prayer it won't harm anything lol

    But if you want to cheer her up go to her house, hang out with her and just listen to her. Sometimes people need a friend to get them distracted.

    Good luck

    • I don't know if I feel comfortable just showing up at her house at this point. She lives with her parents (she is 22) and since we broke up we have only hung out once, just mostly talking on the phone (after like 7 or 8 months of no contact)

    • I went to her house with ice cream and we ended up making out and stuff and now three days later she updates her fb that she is in a relationship with a new guy...

    • Ahh that sucks dude :(

      Relationships can be messed up :\ I hope you find somebody better

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