Is my ex begin serious with me or just talking?

Ok so just about an hour ago my ex and I had the talk. He finaly came clean and open up to me about what was on his mind and where is mind really is. But point is him and I have been up and down talking and not talking and things can get pretty awkard between him and I. But he told me that he couldn't do this with me anymore like date me again. He said he wrote a list out and about me and wrote down things about him and I. The 1st thing he said witch it is not the 1st I'm here this from him. But he said that we seem to not have much in common but just sex. And he said that's not what he define a real relationship and you don't just bass it off just sex that not all he just wants he wants more then just sex. But he also said don't get me wrong he says he enjoy it with me and he likes it. But I wasn't just the only one having sex with myself he was coming onto me more then I was with him smh. And also said that he feel like its just best for him and I just to stay friends. So question is: is he serious about moving on or is it b.c of some other girl he felt for and want to settle down with or maybe already with them. In a way the whole time I felt like we was already in some weird fuck up relationship just not a committed one. And my haft I told him that I knew that he was seeing and talking to other girls and that fine and I was talking to other guys. But when I said that I knew that he was talking to other girls he (laugh) why. But I said that ok that apart of life to move on you see what else is out there you know. And I also had to make it clear to him. That there would be no more kissing no more S E. X!!! Where just friends. And he was looking at me and was like yea of course yea were just friends. And I spoke what was on my mind and told him thank you for at less telling me and said I'm happy and feel free now I can move on. He said yea sure your welcome in a lower tone voice and look at me weird. But I sense from him he got it off his mind but still bugg him.


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  • I think its good that you talked about moving on. Don't let it bug you I would just try and move on as easily as possible. I know how it is to do. I just got out of a really serious relationship myself about six weeks ago and their was no closer. at least you have closer. hanging out with friends/family, do something that you couldn't do before when you were dating him, read a book/watch a movie, workout at home or at the gym, go for a long walk and do things that interest you. instead of worry about it keep your mind busy, but don't sit around the house anymore then you have to. I wouldn't stay in touch with him now that you both have decided to move on. there are support groups that you can find online to help you sort out your feelings. crying sometimes also helps, but don't sit and at home and try and figure out of he has moved on or not. if you do that ask your self what good is that really going to do you? I wouldn't rebound either, but that's just me. good luck!

    • Well thanks you. And I got pass the crying like last year when we broke up then. But like you said its not important like it was. But people have many reasons for things and I know he dose have a reason. He never comes clean and just say it. He beat around the bush... but like I said he can run but he can't hide. But also this time around I'm not going to run after him anymore. Hell I'm not even mad or sad. But xoxo he can kiss my a** lol. And thanks

    • your welcome! you will find someone else

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