Can I get My exboyfriend back?

We were in a relation for a year and he broke up with me in November of the last year...I stopped contacting and unfriended him from Facebook. After 3 months, he added me and we talked, he told be he was bored, however, he misses me and want me in his life even as a friend. I agreed! we have been talking "as friends" for 2 months now and he talks about memories and Sometime flirts. At that time I knew he was single, I decided to stalk on social networking website that he knows I don't open anymore and found that he is in a relation, I don't know when that started. Sure, it's a long distance relationship (they are from 2 different countries). I am so calm right now, but I want him back. I don't know if it's serious or not. I don't know the girl, but I want him back xP!
I read that I should make 30 days no contact so he can miss me again but I already did so to talk to me again..I want advice what should I do..Thank You :*


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  • My guy senses tell me there is a hint of douche-bag-ary going on with this guy. He dumped you.. He's back because he's board, you find a site that lists him in a relationship that he doesn't tell you about.. He knows you still like him and he likes the attention. That's it.. He's a douche! Get outta there.


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  • Why is he dating someone from another country?1 xD but honestly, long distance relationships dont work.. it may be a week, it may be a month, but soon enough they'll break up. so just kinda lead him on a little til he gets the hint and maybe he'll be the one who ends it with her

    • so should I keep texting or stop contact for may be even a week..we talk daily so?
      and when he flirts what should be my reaction? right now we don't meet anymore.. just texting, calling and video calls sometimes

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    • Does he post it on fb, instagram or anything? If so just bring it up and say you saw it and didn't know he had a girl friend.. Or just honestly straight out say you know he has a girlfriend.. Thered be no harm hahaha

    • lol xP I don't know he kept the relation a secret, I afraid he'll be thinking I'm still wanting him or even be rude to me

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