Getting together to talk...Why would and Ex want to talk?

Ok so I really need to stop with the questions bitching about my personal life but here it goes again

Short background:

Boyfriend of a year and a half dumped me after we say a therapist and told him he had a list of problems to work on. It's been a month it was an awkward break up he kept saying we can't work right now. His FB status is still in a relationship with me he changed his profile photo of us only after I changed mine like a week ago.

I've been having fun all week out with friends keeping busy actually being happy. And there's photo's and status all over fb about it. Well I don't know if that has anything to do with this. But he messaged me tonight. He asked when I was going back to School and I just thought that he was going to avoid me till then but he asked if we could meet up and talk. (he's in Florida right now so couldn't be right away and the wait might kill me)

So guys would you meet up to talk to any of your exes for any reason besides getting back together?

Why would he want to talk to me?

I would understand if he had questions or need closure but I'm the one with the million questions.

I was willing to fight and be patient and help him through issues and he just quit. So I'm making myself far to hopeful about talking with him so any opinions would be awesome.


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  • I guess it's possible he wants to get back together and you should think about what your answer would be to that ahead of your meeting.

    Who knows why he left you. Maybe he did not feel good enough for you with his issues. I did that to a girl, leaving her because of my own low self worth.

    • I already know my stupid answer. I'm not the happiest about knowing I'd take him back in a heart beat.

      I hate that excuse! I love him I know he's good enough I've made sure he knew it. I know what I deserve why hurt someone that love you.

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    • In theory yes. But not objectively.

      He probably just misses you and realized he made a huge mistake and wants to apologize.

    • I like your answer bro.

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  • He want's to meet up and talk face to face, a month after a break up.. yeah, the likelihood of him wanting to get back together is REALLY high. I wouldn't meet up with an ex for any other reason.. well, except years ago, I wanted to "bury the hatchet" of an ex with some last-time makeup sex, but that was an isolated incident

    • Ya I really can't think of another reason we're fine like there's not hate between us so there's no hatchet to bury

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    • I'm clearly in love with him but I can't fall back into it I have serious trust issues so things will have to change

    • That's great that you recognize that.. it sets you up with a much higher potential to succeed, if you do take him back.

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