If your Ex did this, how would you react?

Say you're a girl finishing off your University degree. You're young, intelligent, attractive and are 3 months out of a 2 year relationship that ended badly (your ex cheated on you, so you broke up with him). You also have suicidal tendencies that have spanned most of your lifetime. You're seeing a councilor about it, but it's not helping; you're considering taking anti-depressants.

Enter guy A (A for Anonymous). You're paired with him and 8 others for a group assignment. Guy A took the initiative to get the group organized and set up meetings. He seems like a good leader, letting others talk and also having some good ideas of his own. You start to take a liking to him. A day before the assignment is due, you spot some problems with the assignment and go straight to him with these worries. He agrees to meet with you that day and you both go over what was wrong. You use this to get to know him a little more and end up giving him your number.

Fast forward a few weeks, you've been texting back and forth with him constantly, he makes you laugh for the first time in a long time. He asked you out to dinner, which was fun. You begin to open up to him a little about your problems. When he asks how you are, you start to say "Oh, okay I guess. Just stressed out.". He says that if there's anything he can do to help, to let him know.
One day, you have a fight with a friend of yours whom you've told about your suicidal tenancies. He says he thinks you make it up for attention. That same day, Guy A is talkiing about how his sister has been in the hostipal recently for trying to kill herself. You let slip that "you understand how she feels". He picks up on this immediately, and after a few texts back and forth says that he's coming over. When he comes over, you're crying and tries to comfort you by putting his arm around you/holding your hand. You tell him about your past demons, that you tried to kill yourself when you were 13, and just generally unload.
He obviously doesn't know what to say, but still tries to comfort you, give you hugs etc. He has to go to pick up his sister from her friends, but says if there's anything else he can do, to ring him.

From then on, you notice that he doesn't...
text as much as he did, and he's not as funny as before. (This is happening during the exam period, so he could be just busy studying). He suggests that you and him have a study session the night before your final exam. He comes over to your place...


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  • I'm guessing you ran out of space... You can comment on my answer and I'll see if I can give you a real answer lol


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