Why would a guy do this? Seriously?

WHY would a guy stay with you for about five and a half years if he's going to talk to other women?

WHY would a guy reject his more than willing girlfriend with any romantic or sexual advances and then look for that attention elsewhere?

WHY would a guy even move in with a girlfriend if he didn't want to be with her?

WHY waste either of our time?

All I know for sure is he's talking to other women and that he has some serious shady behavior I've been in denial about. "Oh he's not like other men", "He wouldn't do that to me", "I need to trust him"...

I put myself in a position where I'm completely dependent upon this asshole and I am stuck with him! I sacrificed SOO much to be with him and this is what he does to me. I have no one and nothing. I DON'T understand. What the hell?

I'm so stupid.


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  • "WHY would a guy stay with you for about five and a half years if he's going to talk to other women?"

    Talking to other women isn't a crime. If you think it is, you're the one with the mental defect.

    "WHY would a guy reject his more than willing girlfriend with any romantic or sexual advances and then look for that attention elsewhere?"

    Lots of possible reasons. He's not attracted to her anymore. Sex is boring with her. She won't do the things he wants her to do. He's not in love with her anymore. She makes him "pay" for sex in non-monetary ways. The list is potentially endless.

    "WHY would a guy even move in with a girlfriend if he didn't want to be with her?"
    Economics. Necessity.

    "WHY waste either of our time?"
    His time isn't wasted. He doesn't give a crap about your time.

    • Talking to women on a dating site and initating conversation that you're interested in them is okay when you're in a serious relationship? That's acceptable and respectful behavior?

      There is no sex because he has said he "wanted to wait until marriage". I am always willing and he never does. I'm also very open minded, not trying something isn't the issue.

      You're right about that last statement though. He surely doesn't give a crap about me or my time and there's more details I cannot even explain to you. Short story: I've bent over backwards and made huge sacrifices for him and this is what he does to me. Well he gets what he wants so I guess that's his MO.

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    • You want to know the whole story, I stupidly dropped my life, literally, to be with him. I put myself in a stupid situation where I'm 100% dependent on him for anything I need or want. He takes advantage of this obviously. I bend over backwards for him. I do his laundry, I cook for him, I clean our home because he works and I don't. I give him massages every single day because he has back problems. HE rejects ME anytime for sex, he NEVER initiates it. HE is speaking with other women on a dating site and who knows what else he's doing when he's out of the house. I don't have a car, so anytime I need to go somewhere he's there. Whenever he wants to go somewhere he just goes.

      I don't have the means to up and leave or I would. Trust me. I have never done a thing wrong to him. He's a shady manipulator and has put up a good front. I'm stuck here and angry and so overwhelmed with every emotion at the moment.

      This isn't some typical bitchy bitch fit or me being hypocritical. I've been

    • through this shit before with my exes cheating on me and lying to me about stupid things and big things. I wouldn't even think of putting someone through what all these dicks have put me through. I am not even interested in anyone else when I'm committed. This is what it gets me.

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  • If he doesn't want to sleep with u then he's more likely cheating my ex did that to me I never thought he'd do anything like that to me until he did


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  • Women are massive hypocrites on such things - he's only talking, it's not like he's actually getting into their pants... while I bet you visit male gynecologists and slut around doing things like that all the time

  • first off , you are not stupid. it is called love
    2nd your bf simply isn't interested in you anymore "one of the many reasons, i believe in sex after marriage" once he gets into your pants he is in.

    3rd the right decision is always the hardest, you can't break up with him because you love him, but unfortunetly from what i read, the guy you speak of isn't the same person he was 5.5 years ago.

    get your shit togather, clear your head, set your goals straight and seek someone else after giving yourself at least 1 year of being single.

    break up with him and don't rebound.


    • HE wanted to "wait until marriage" with me. I never denied him or rejected him, he rejects me and then seeks attention elsewhere.

      I'm a position right now where I can't leave him. Trust me I would of left the very minute I found out if I could have. I'm stuck living with him for another couple months and it makes me sick to my stomach!

      I don't plan on rebounding, I don't want anyone right now. I'm sick of this happening to me. I don't do anything to deserve this. I don't nag, I'm not controlling, if anything I'm a stupid pushover because I do anything for someone I love and I've screwed up my life for this shady loser.

    • you are stuck? no such thing as you are , even if you share house and pay rent, get your stuff and leave it is easy.

      and yes no one deserves shit like this, but this is life, it fucks you up againa nd again. it is up to you to keep trying to stand up every time it hits you.

      stay strong.


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