If your ex wanted you back, what would they have to do to get you?

Me and my boyfriend of a year split about a month ago. We're both under a lot of stress from finals and things like that and in an argument he ended it. We'd been going through a bit of a rough patch in the last month, so it was understandable. However, I'm almost certain that we wouldn't have split had we not had the pressure of exams. Neither of us could really handle a relationship going through a rough patch with finals; especially him, considering he's also a competitive rower on top of all that.
I'd really like to patch things up after exams, but I'm quite worried about it. I feel as if my ex still has feelings for me and wants me (we have many mutual friends, I know he still does), yet he fears that if he comes back we'll still have the same relationship issues; after analyzing our relationship, I'm almost certain that all of our issues are solvable. For example, one of our issues was that we were far too comfortable with each other. Whenever one of us was in a bad mood, we'd take it out on the other. We were both guilty of this.
The way I'm going about it is keeping minimal contact with him from now until the end of our finals, and then hopefully try to build a solid foundation for a friendship afterwards to show him that we really are compatible and good for each other. Then, after we'd been on good terms for a while, I'd see what I could do.

What do you think? Do you think this is a bad way to go about it, and do you have any tips? Thank you!


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  • My view is focus on your exams and go non contact for a month or two. I know it won't be easy but you must NOT contact him.

    Like I said focus on your exams, hang out with friends, go to gym and try new hobbies. Live your life. Even hang out with other guys (friends / dates etc).

    This is not a game to get him back. This is for you. This is to show that you are not being clingy and can live without him. Let him miss you and realise what a mistake he is making by letting you go. If you are meant to be you will be!

    My ex broke up with me. It hurts like hell. I kept my head down, focus on my life, gym, friends, family and new hobbies. During our NC I then realised that she was horrible to me and I needed someone who will love and treat me with respect. I realised that I was LESS upset being single that when I was with her although I missed her.

    She saw the new me (happier, leaner and more confident) so tried to get me back with mind games but I chose not to go back (and I loved her). I am now dating someone who treats me better with respect.

    2 months ago I didn't think I would make it but here I am.. A better man :)


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  • I wouldn't take him back, but I would like an explanation on why I wasn't worth a 'goodbye'
    that would be nice lol


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  • The way I look at it, If they are ex's, They are that way for a reason. They are ex's because we were unable to repair the relationships. Once it is mutually agreed to move on, That's what me and my formers did.

  • It depends on how long you have been broken up. on top of that you are under 18 so most relationships that start before 18 do not work out because of later on school, work, where people move to etc. I am 30 and never thought I would find someone who would be good enough for me and now look at me. I have found someone who makes me very happy as I do the same to her. Some of my ex's stayed and some moved from where we grew up. some went to college near by and some went away for college. If try to focus on your life and what matters you just may get through it.


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