Do I stay at my college for the summer for a potential summer romance or should I go home?

Ok, so I am currently from Long Island, NY, going to college in Vermont and am deciding whether to stay here for the summer or go home.

I originally was going to stay at school (mainly) because my (now ex) boyfriend was staying for the summer and I wanted to spend it with him. But things changed when we broke up a little over a month ago.

We have still been hanging out almost daily, and are trying to become friends? But I do have feelings.

After he broke up with me, I wanted to stay around this summer in hopes that we will continue to hang out and eventually get back together. I still am not sure if going home will be best for me, or if staying here will. If I stay, it may rekindle our relationship, but it may also suffocate it. If I leave, maybe he will miss me, maybe he will move on?

What should I do?

I also have a job in both areas

I know its stupid to make life decisions based on what MIGHT happen with a guy, especially an ex guy, but yeah...
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  • If you were going to stay at school mainly because of your boyfriend who is now your ex I would not recommend it. Lets say you do stay and he does not want to get back with you then it will hurt you more and more etc the more you stay around him. You could stay and it may be a good thing or not and if you go it could be a good thing or not. It is totally up to you what you do. On top of that how can you two still be friends after being boyfriend and girlfriend? I never understood how anyone could be friends with their ex regardless if they were friends or not before they became boyfriend and girlfriend. I believe if someone breaks up with someone else they usually have a good reason. If he really doe not want to be with you and you try to push him into getting back with you it will just make things worse.


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  • If he was perfect for you and you see him as being "the one," I would say go for it. But since y'all have broken up before and you're only considering staying on the off chance that your relationship will rekindle, I wouldn't advise it.

  • do yourself a big favor and just go home. the more time you spend with as just a friend , the more hurt you will be. you need to go home and move on.


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