Should I still be hurt or not?

Me and my ex just broke up 2 days ago. Today would have been our 5 months anniversary. Basically what happened was we were really happy together the first 3 months. We talked about our future and everything. I've known him for 3 years and we've dated previous to this
last relationship. In the past we never made it past 1 month so this was a big accomplishment for us. We got really close this time and now it's all over. We broke up because he always talked to girls onfacebook and in school and I was jealous all the time. In the past he flirted with other girls which was why I was paranoid. Anyways, I only got to see him every other weekend and I was supposed to see him tis weekend but he told me he had plans. I got upset and he decided to tell me that he is no longer going to let me control him. He said that he didn't want our relationship to end but I needed to stop talking to other guys but I had to DEAL with him talking to other girls. He said that I disrespected him by letting guys comment cute on my Instagram pictures. When we broke up, I broke up with him and he didn't even try to fight. He told me he wanted to be friends at first but then blocke me and I texted him and asked why and he said it hurts too much to talk to me. I asked if he wanted to try to make things work and he said no he needs his space right now. He said we broke up again it's obviously not meant to be. I feel like he doesn't even care at all how could it not be bothering him? He even wrote single on instagram deleted all of our pictures. But the day before we broke up he told me he wasn't going anywhere and loved me so much and didn't plan on breaking up? I'm so confused. It hurts me a lot because I spent almost 5 months talking to him night and day. I always was happy with him :( and now I have no one. It sucks feeling like he doesn't even care at all. If it hurt him so much like he said he would have wanted to try to make it work.
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  • Of course you can be upset. You can't help what you're feeling. But at the same time don't let the sadness overwhelm you. You should begin to move on but it's ok to be sad.


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