How can I get him to realize I am not joking about breaking up?

My bf and i have been dating for 8 months almost 9. I moved in with him after 2 months of dating (he is the one that asked me). Things were going good and he would always call me hunny or sweetie. He would cuddle with me more than he does now and always in the morning before he got up for work. Now he does sometimes but not as much. He doesn't call me hunny or sweetie as much either. It's usually my name. The past month he has been kinda crabby and being a jerk. Our whole relationship he would be crabby and a jerk off and on. But now I'm at the point where I'm just tired of it. I have told him before if he doesn't change we are done. He changed for a week and went back to the way he was before. By being a jerk I mean he is saying smartass things or when I say something he will say it with a smartass comment. It almost feels like he is being distant like he doesn't really care to cuddle. I asked him a few times if he wanted to stay together and he said yeah then I told him to start showing it then. He replies with ok. Then today I told him I mean it and that he can decide if we are going to stay together. He said I need to decide and i said I do want to stay together which he knew that. Then he says he wants to stay together but I don't know why he keeps acting this way. I then told him that it sometimes makes me feel like shit when he is a jerk and i don't feel like he loves me or wants to be with me. Then he told me it also makes him feel like shit when I always ask because I should already know he wants to be with me. How can I get him to realize I am not joking about breaking up?


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  • yet another woman who fell for a jerk. if i had a dollar for every post or comment i have seen like this from women , i would be a damned millionare.


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  • He doesn't think you're joking, he thinks you're bluffing. Like you're just saying it to say it. The only way he'll know you're serious, is if you do it. That's it.

    • Does it sound like he actually wants to be with me though

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    • My ex could too. And his family adored me and the affect I'd had on him. Didn't matter. His changes never lasted. I didn't think I'd be happy without him, but now I can't figure out why I stayed so long.

    • That's good you are happy without him :) I might just give it a little bit longer and if things do not change at all I am going to push myself to leave

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  • If you want him to take you serious then break up with him and move out. He'll get the point


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  • move out, that will send the message across


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