Do all rich men cheat? it looks that way doesn't it?

I used to know this guy who was a millionaire - he chased me on yahoo answers when he found I was a virgin. At first I thought he wanted to date me and then I realized that he wanted me to be his sexual partner while he remained engaged to his girlfriend who is now his wife. I check out their Facebook profile all the time - they look like this happily married / loving / deeply committed / faithful couple but it's all in act. He tried to cheat with me and he probably did it with countless other woman as well. It seems that any man good looking enough and rich enough to cheat and be polygamous will do so. How many millionaires or billionaires do you know who are faithful to their husbands and wives? Other than bill gates who probably doesn't have time to play around.


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  • You would think that because of all the options they have but the same has been asked about hot women.
    I'm going to guess it depends on the person.
    But I firmly believe that men want to cheat more than women. Rich dudes just have the opportunity.


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