Girl's does my ex want me back or is this like a rebound thing?

I have an ex who we really broke up for no real reason, just not a good time in both our lives. We started talking again a few months ago after about 5 months no contact and both of us were dating others when we started talking again and it was real friendly only. She went through a bad breakup about a month ago, and dated another guy for two dates and stopped seeing him. I also had an awful breakup and we helped get each other through our bad breakups. She calls me a lot, and we talk quite a bit.

She had a real bad day yesterday, including her car breaking down and she has no car. I asked her how I could make her feel better and she told me she needed ice cream. I brought ice cream to her house and we hung out a little bit. It was real friendly at first but then I gave her a hug and one thing led to another and we were making out on her couch with some hand under shirt action. Her brother lives with her at the moment and was in his bedroom so she told me she was scared to go any further than that because he was around.

However when we were done making out, she lectured me to stop talking to my other ex who I had recently broke up with and who still contacts me. She then told me that I really need to find a good women. I thought that was kind of weird, she wasn't really saying that we should get back together.

We made out again at her door right before I left and then I told her we could finish it later and she said "We will have to talk about that". On my way home she sent me a text saying "Goodnight honey :*"

So I can't quite tell if she wants to get back together or is interested in me again, or if that was a one time random thing. What do you think?


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  • Just wait for her to talk to you about it. She will bring it up when she's ready, and you don't wanna try to pressure her into a decision before she's ready. It could really go either way at this point, but there is a good chance she you're not a rebound.

    • 3 days later and her Facebook just updated saying she is in a relationship with another guy (not her ex, a different new guy)...what the fuck

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