Is my ex-boyfriend over me? And does he possibly want me back?

My ex and I broke up about a month or two ago when things just got too stressful. We were really in love, but it was a young relationship and we weren't ready to deal with everything life threw at us. We tried to get back together a few weeks ago, but things got even worse, and there were tons of people trying to tear us apart. He broke it off again. I (unfortunately) got extremely upset and emotional and started begging him to stay. We got in a huge fight a few days later, and he just started being extremely mean and cruel for no reason, and accusing me of trying to drive him and his friends apart, and of talking bad about him to people. Things escalated, and we are not on a speaking basis anymore. Now, he is trying desperately (and making a fool of himself so I hear) to get with a female friend of his who is not interested in him, and of whom he was never interested in before me. As soon as he heard I was dating again though, he started trying extremely hard and publicly to get her affection. He now makes rude and mean comments when he sees me, loud enough so I can hear them, when I have not done anything wrong since our fight. Is he just upset that I am dating again? He told me he didn't want me, or care about me, and that he was over me, and I told him I felt the same way, but why is he being mean when I did nothing to deserve it? Is he over me or not? and if not, how could I get him back?
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  • Not sure if he's over you or not but he sounds a little cray cray to me lol. Why were people trying to tear you guys apart? Why did he think you were talking bad about him?


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