Guys, why would you keep text messaging your ex (the one you dumped) after a year?

I am from Europe , my Ex is from California. I am 24, he is 45 (lied to me that he's 34 by the way). We both met on OKCupid and hit it off right off the bat. After 6 months of emailing back and forth, I decided to visit him in CA. I stayed with him for 2 months. I was pretty much in love. He dumped me 3 months after I was back in France. I was crying and begging but he kept pushing me away, obviously not interested in me anymore.
I felt used and thrown away.

Now suddenly, after a year or complete silence, he started messaging me again. At first I ignored him but he would keep sharing the occasional picture with me about his daily life - things he used to do when we were into each other.

Now that I think back, the day he started texting me ago was the time (exactly one year ago), we were kissing each other on the beach under the nightsky and he promised me to love me forever.

But I doubt that this was enough for him to reach out to me again. I live in Europe , it's not like he would gain something (bootycall?) from talking to me again.

Oh man, American guys are so confusing.


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  • Incorrect, he is gaining a bootycall, but not all bootycalls are physical. Using others to emotionally and mentally engage yourself is not unheard of though it is oft ignored and left as "unexplained" but truly his return is punctuated by something. You have a role to play in his universe if he's bugging you again and I highly recommend that this time you refuse. He sees a poppet.


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  • I've know a lot of guys to do this when they are lonely, horny, just broken up with someone, etc. Even IF he did want to get back with you how could you physically do it? Would you move to California? This guy sounds like a player. He lied to you about his age, he probably hit a dry spell on OK cupid. I think internet dating is the worst, in my opinion.


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