Should I try to approach her again?

As I said in recently posted questions, I broke up with my gf 2 weeks ago. I do all I can to forget her but I just can't. It's the first time I feel like this. It wasn't about the sex with her. We have same interests and got along well. I won't write the reasons we broke up. You probably won't care.
My question is : Is it a good idea to approach her again? I really am in love with her and I feel that ending this relationship is like demolishing a newly build house.
If yes, how should I talk to her? I though of writing a letter or making a video message and send it to her. Please answer and be honest!

Ps: yesterday my fathers radio started playing songs we were hearing while having sex. It ruined my psychology...
As if destiny is laughing at me.


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  • Go for it if u love her , mybe she is too thinking about u but waiting for Ur act , just tell her the truth say I want to give ourself another chance don't u agree with me


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  • Why did you break up with her I the 1st place?

    • I broke up with her because she is still in contact with her and not only that. She had the nerves to want from me to be ok with that. When I started fighting with this prick she took his side instead of mine and that was when I said ''it is over''. The next day she called me crying and saying ''It was nice when we were in love, why are you doing this?''. So I decided to give her another chance and one day later I picked a fight with her ex again and she dumped me. I called her parents and said to them if their daughter can't decide between me and a 40 year old failure I have no future with her. But my feelings for her never changed.

    • with her ex* I wanted to write.

    • Can u just take her to a calm place and talk about this , and tel her she must deside Wich one she want her ex or u , and if she still having feeling for him she shouldn't be with u and waist Ur time , tell her if u love me for real u shouldn't hurt me if u stell like him , but if she don't like him any more , so u should do what make me feel happy , ask what would she feel if u done the same , or try to do the same reconnect with Ur ex and see if she feel oky or not , if not tell her well I feel the same with u , but the best thing is to talk to her and try to find a solution to this problem that make u and her happy , for example she don't talk to him els with u or something like that I don't know , but try to find a solution.

  • Why not two weeks isn't a long time


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  • dude no DO NOT DO IT. Trust me! You have 2 weeks progress of getting over her now. If you go back to her, or talk to her and she breaks up with you again you'll have to start all over. Battle through it, go out with your buddies, find a hobby that has a large girl population and start talking to other girls. Get your attention on another girl and your heart will let go. That's the only thing holding you back right now. Your brain's moved on, as I'm sure you tell yourself every night all the reasons you shouldn't be with this girl. So don't let your heart dictate what you should do cause itll get you in trouble.

  • You broke up with her but you sound like the one who got dumped. You can try to approach her again but don't expect too much to come out of it.

    • I learn from my experiences and mistakes. Of course I don't expect much. Than you for your feedback.

  • smh. if you love her, you will do what you gotta do.


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