Why does an ex suddenly unblock you on social media?

Just to gain some insight on the above topic, why after some months of no contact does an ex girlfriend unblock you on social media?



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  • If she has you blocked she can't look at your profile so she unblocked you so she could snoop and then realized you have to wait 48 hours to re-block that person again.

    • She was always rather snoopy so it makes sense

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  • I know you won't like this answer but "Because they wanted to." It may not be driven towards you as a person at all; maybe they unblocked everyone collectively.


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  • Testing to see if you'd notice.

    • Would you then advice me to act on it or would you think it is better to not acknowledge it?

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    • ok, thanks for the insight

    • Good luck, I'd just say guys who do things that result in the girl blocking them (not saying this is your fault, though, I don't know why she did it) well main point is, games never lead to happiness. If you want to say hi to her, just do it. Yes, it's putting yourself out there a little, but if it makes her happy, at least you will have an idea where u stand.

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