My ex says he needs space? What does that mean?

my ex says he needs space? now what?:(?
my ex and I dated for four years and everything throughout that time was perfect no hiccups no problems nothing! rumours suddenly started spilling out that he had slept with someone else and even the girls best friend told me it was true! No one was saying anything and me and him just couldn't take the pressure and the constant worry so we broke things off. We then started to talk again and decided to give things another go but then I started arguing with my mum over things and after every argument I would flip out and blame everything on him, so soon after we called it off again. Throughout this period it gave me a chance to get my head straight and focused with less anger, meaning I don't lash out at people anymore. Me and my ex started to talk again and we met up but he said he needs space to think about what he wants before he jumps back into anything. He says he's annoyed at me which I completely understand, I didn't mean to mess up I just went about things the wrong way. He's the only one that understands what I'm going through at home:( he says he still loves me but needs space to think.

So what does that mean? Am I waiting around for something that isn't going to happen? Do I contact him or just wait for him to contact me?


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  • He's not so certain of you. Makes sense. It's one of those let him contact you first until a week passes then get in touch with him deals.


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