Why is my ex being like this to me?

I split with my ex last week, as I had a operation and not seen him for 4 weeks, in them 4 weeks all we did was argue all day via text about pointless stuff and he didn't see what was wrong and blamed everything on me. We agreed to meet up and he wanted another chance which I gave him but he blew me out the next day. And didn't want to c me for another week so to me that shows how much he wanted that chance So I ended it as it was clear he didn't want to be with me,

After we split I said to him I hope it doesn't become awkward as we both work together he said there will things that will bug him which won't help and I said I won't ignore and if he chooses to then that's his issue.

Anyway today he came in all red walking fast and huffing then shouted at me. Snatched his key of me and stormed of I went there's no need to be nasty with me he then vanished hour or so later I get a text

Him: I wasn't being nasty I was trying to get out the way cos there was customers

Me: ok just felt like you did
Him: nope, you prob will think so soon
Me: Why
Him: don't worry ill do it another day
Me; if you wanna be nasty go ahead it only shows you up not me
Him: not really lol

Now I don't get why did he text to say he wasn't being nasty then say he will be.

I do still love him so it does hurt. Just don't want any more hassle at work


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  • Hmm... Well it sounds like he's getting into a stage where a person goes through a lot of anger. I would say he's also trying to push your buttons and get a reaction maybe you should talk to him to keep things at peace?


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