Should I believe him when he says he wouldn't cheat?

I have had bad trust issues in the past with guys. I have a bf now and we have been dating for 9 months. I'm worried he has or will cheat on me because he sometimes flirts which annoys me. He told me he has never cheated on me and never will. Should I believe him?


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  • You got baggage. Everyone does. It's not his responsibility to deal with yours. It's your responsibility. If he hasn't given you any reason not to trust him then you should know the answer.


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  • This is very tough situation. Is he doing this often? guys who flirt get easily tempted! those types of guys also have reckless behavior. If you are worried then you should pay attention to what he is doing. Some guys can be very cunning tough. If i would be you i would follow him. But it's your relationship!

    • We usually go out together. He's not a big flirt but it's just always in the back of my head that he would cheat. He gets boners over other girls to which also makes me worry. It's not a full on boner but I can just tell by the way he acts that he will put his hand over it.

    • That means he would not resist if a girl would throw herself on him, trust me he might not be a bad guy but i can guarantee you he wouldn't resist, especially if you were not around. That's why you got that feeling. Be careful.

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  • I think that you should trust him! If he's never given you a reason to question his commitment to you then I would believe him. If he's constantly flirting and lying about where he is or who he's with then you be seeing red flags to run for the hills!

  • Trust him. I'm a flirt, I don't really even know I'm doing it half the time to be honest and my husband knows that. I would never cheat on my husband he's a wonderful man and treats me good and I love him. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else and throwing what I have with my husband away. You've gotta get past your trust issues or you won't ever be happy with a man because you're scared he'll cheat on you. If he gave you no real reason not to believe that he hasn't cheated on you then there is no reason not to trust him.


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